A Janitors Work Never Ends…


By outsourcing your janitor requirements, you can rest assured that your sanitation will continue through the duration of your contract, as regular as you have requested. You never have to worry about leave, sick days, or call-ins because with the right cleaning company we will make sure a trained janitorial tech is always there stock products and keep your place shining!


Affordable & Reliable


Hiring a janitorial services company can and will and money. Rather than hiring an in-house janitor to look after the washrooms, and common areas why not choose a reliable local service? A contract with a cleaning company is considerably cheaper than hiring an employee as you’ll save on NI, pension contributions etc., not to mention the time saved on recruitment. The company will also provide all of the cleaning materials and washroom essentials, sounds like a no brainer right?

Make A Great First Impression


Prove to everyone that steps foot through your doors that you hold your business to the highest of standards by hiring a professional cleaning service. A clean and tidy washroom shows patrons that you take pride in your facility. Imagine if you have a potential client visiting the facility for the first time and they visit the washroom only to find that the paper towels have ran out, the floor hasn’t been mopped, and the smell is unbearable… well you can kiss that client goodbye! You may not think the condition of the washroom is a big deal but then again that’s why we handle those kind of things for you!

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